Back-end system

New procedures were added to process the big amount of daily information gathered by the system processed in a back-end, not only to receive but also to provide a way of powering the future data visualizations.

After some weeks, a few comparisons were made with our daily counts and ground truth from the airport with the passenger counts, we found staggering correlations above 90% between these data sources.

Major Spread

In a final push, we managed to install 20 more devices in the last month, resulting in a coverage of over 30 spots covering different cities around the island.

Major spread

Beanstalk tracking network

website novidades - 26 de Abril-01

website novidades - 26 de Abril-01


In the last weeks, a few successful tests were made to detect unusual events in the different locations, based on the number of daily devices. Those events were later compared with updated ground truth data from the airport to match the results and fine tune the algorithm parameters.

website novidades - 31 de Março-01

Detection of unusual events at several locations.

website novidades - 31 de Março-02

Ground truth data comparison from the airport.


Upon receiving the authorizations, 4 more Wi-Fi routers were installed in specific touristic points of Funchal, and we were also authorized to install them in the entry points of the island in collaboration with the airport and port.

website novidades - 20 de Março

and main screen for the Beanstalk platform

website novidades - 20 de Março-01

Wi-Fi routers installed in the entry points

Inbound vs Outbound movement

Further features were added to visualize the flow of people between the different spots in the city and inbound vs outbound movements. Attempt to develop nationality detection techniques based on the gathered information and SSID profiling.

website novidades - 18 de Março

Nationality detection based on SSID profiling.

website novidades - 18 de Março-01

Work in progress

On this week the database has been tuned to accommodate the high amount of information.

The team set up a few routers in the city of Funchal which these will placed in specific interest points, such as the market, city squares and so on.

website novidades - 18 de Março-01

First results

Today we achieved a milestone in the course of this project, as we created the very first visualizations for the data that we’ve been gathering. It is already interesting to notice some patterns in the everyday device count and flow.

website novidades - 13 de Fevereiro-01

Holiday Testing

For the holiday celebrations, Miguel set up a few wifi routers in the city of Funchal, placed in specific interest points, such as the market, city squares and so on. Given that the holidays bring a lot of movement to the city center, this proved to be a good way to do stress tests on the platform.

Tourism Office, Arriaga avenue – Funchal.

Lavradores’ Market

The Old Farmacy, Ponta do Sol.