Deadline and testing

For this sixth week, the deadline started approaching. The 2D asset issues that were identified previously couldn’t be easily fixed. The chosen course of action was to fully replace most of the 2D objects that decorated the environment with a respective 3D version, meaning that only the characters remained in 2D. These were finalised along with the 3D recreation of the Old Pharmacy, so Rui and Sandra took care of finishing the design of the poster, along with a leaflet to promote the testing event. Once these were ready, they were printed, and later, spread around Ponta do Sol accordingly. They were placed in strategic spots, such as the surrounding hotels, coffee shops, and several attractions.

PamphletFrontFinal Poster


When the development of the experience was finalised, two different version were created for testing: a tablet version and a mobile VR (oculus/cardboard) version.

Testing, Day 1

For the first day of testing (December 11th), Mara, Paulo, Miguel and Valentina went to the Old Pharmacy in order to both assemble and test the interactive experience, along with the tracking through routers. The allotted schedule was between 5pm and 10pm.

Most of the users that showed up tried the mobile/cardboard version, but unfortunately they weren’t available to fill the survey. The test was cut short, due to an unexpected Christmas event that happened at the Old Pharmacy.

Testing, Day 2

On the second day of testing (December 12th), Rui and Sandra were present at the Old Pharmacy to pick up where the remaining researchers had left off. Because of the MicroFilm festival, there was a lack of participants that could compromise to do the entire experience. Some visitors did try the experience, but did not complete it and/or did not fill the survey, but fortunately a tourist couple, staying in the nearby hotel, were able to test both versions and fill the survey.