Field Work

For the last couple of months Deborah, Claudia and Dina have been planning and scheduling interviews, collecting material and content for the web platform.

So far, we have interviewed 18 local sources collecting around 20 hours of video. To tightly link the web based platform with the mobile fiction, in a transmedia fashion, we highlighted eight main themes out of the FoL narrative. The interviewees were chosen according to their expertise and local knowledge on those themes, so part of our content is related to medicinal plants and folk remedies drawn from the Laurisilva ecosystem, as well as the history of Madeira as a living lab, the history of traditional artworks and the crafting of Madeira wine. The interviews are then  displayed in the Web platform as short video fragments as well as shorter teasers to appear at the end of each fictional episode on the Mobile story app.

Here’s a sneak peek from some of our interviewees: