First Prototype

During the second week of the project, we started working on the first prototype. We discussed the aesthetics and art styles we would like to achieve for the storytelling experience and Rui began sketching different alternatives, to be chosen by the team. Overall, we aimed to use a distinct 2D style, as the experience would be running on smartphones (meaning that a big usage of 3D could make the app run slower). Paulo started developing the application prototype in Unity. At this stage, there were several concepts: usage of geolocation to access audio content (in-story gossip), usage of augmented reality to find more info about certain objects and the usage of virtual reality to tell a story.

In the weekly meeting we defined a deadline for this first prototype – the Madeira MicroFilm Festival, held at Ponta do Sol. This would allow us to test both the tracking of people and the storytelling experience. This was also the week in which he chose the name for the project – Beanstalk.