Hypermedia Usertest

In the last couple of weeks, the team has been planning and conducting a new study. The idea is to use the case study of Há-Vita, to be measured as if a hypermedia storytelling platform, works better or worse than traditional media (means such a linear video) in informing, creating awareness and interest in the local cultural and natural heritage.

The study focuses on evaluating the impact of the content on users; the website graphical and usability user interface; and the potential of the platform as to create empathy and awareness about several issues related to the Island. This study takes a mixed study design approach by drawing on field notes, observation, and questionnaires.

The sessions took around 30 minutes, where half of the sampling explored the content of Há-Vita in the web platform, and the other half watched a linear video with the same content. We got a total sampling of 28 participants, 19 males and 9 females.

Usertesting Sessions