ICIDS 2017

This year, the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS 2017) took place in Funchal and was hosted by the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. The Beanstalk team was involved in several ways:

Paulo Bala presented the poster: “Evaluating User Experience in 360º Storytelling Through Analytics”.

Poster Session at ICIDS 2017











“Fragments of Laura & Há-vita Transmedia Project”  was exhibited during the ICIDS Art Exhibition Event. The exhibition features a variety of art pieces of interactive storytelling in various media including Web-documentaries, VR Film, narrative games, Augmented Reality Mobile Applications, and Transmedia projects produced by over 30 artists of national and international origin. The exhibition’s theme of “Time and Tempo” encouraged artists to explore the intrinsic qualities of interactive narrative as a time-based medium, user rhythms, and storytelling themes that incorporate history, time travel, and other playful engagements with the theme.

The FOL&Hávita project allowed the audience to experience different historical times of Madeira’s cultural and natural heritage.

Fragments of Laura & Há-vita set up @ ICIDS Art Exhibition 2017

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