Protocol Testing

M-ITI premises got a visit from the Erasmus+ Training for Teachers, a great opportunity to advertise Fragments Beta Release and gather some newcomers for a first trial of the protocol and potential user testers.

We gathered a group of 6 volunteers: among them Belgian, Spanish, Estonian and Slovak teachers.

The protocol runs as follows:

  • Participants meet researchers at the starting point @Miradouro das Cruzes.
  • Researchers introduce themselves and give a brief overview of the activity and how they are going to interact with the mobile application provided in our devices.
  • It is given to them a consent form describing purposes of the study.
  • Participants are then attributed with ID code’s and asked to fill a small questionnaire to gather demographic data.
  • Before starting, it is proposed to them whether they wish to do the tour alone or in pairs. They start the activity whenever they feel ready.
  • Users are “followed” by a researcher who conducts the study to observe and take notes of their interaction (shadowing) without intervening with their actions. During the experience, it’s taken pictures for documentation purposes.
  • At the end and to register feedback concerning the experience the experimenter asks to fill out an after tour questionnaire taking around 15minutes, followed by a semi-structured interview.

Erasmus training+ @ Protocol Testing