Testing Há-vita – 2nd Round

Another round of Há-Vita’s study was conducted in 2018 on February 13, 17, 18, and 20 in the evening, in Funchal (Vidamar Resort Hotel Madeira). We also conducted the same study at another hotel located in Caniço (Galo Resort Hotel Galosol) on February 8.

1) We set up a table on which we place flyers about the project, a poster, and two teasing/eye-catching elements: a bottle of Madeira wine and vegetal sponges Luffas;

2) Two experimenters (who were also part of the research team) introduced themselves, the project and invited the hotel guest to participate in the study;

3) The participants were informed about the goals of the project and agreed to sign the consent form;

4) Participants filled out a questionnaire about demographics (e.g., age, nationality, gender, occupation) and questions related to travelling and travel information;

5) Afterwards, participants were asked to browse Há-Vita website and pay attention to content and graphics;

6) Participants were asked to respond a semi-structured interview about content and interface, which lasted on average about 13 minutes.

Há-Vita @ GaloSol