Testing Há-vita

Há-Vita test was conducted at a hotel (Vidamar Resort Hotel Madeira) with capacity for 600 guests on December 11, 14, and 15, in the evening. The research protocol aimed to evaluate content and graphical interface.

During the user test, guests were invited to taste Madeira wine and by the end of the test, they were offered a vegetal sponge Luffa. Both rewarding items used for compensation were related to one of the seven themes of Há-Vita, as we interviewed different sources about Madeira wine (theme ‘Traditional Products’) as well as a couple who brought Luffa seeds from Brazil and grew them into the soil of Madeira (theme ‘Invasive Species’).

We were able to complete the user test with 7 individuals.

Há-vita set-up @ VidaMar